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UPDATED (November 11, 2022):  

The vote is in! Between Monday and Thursday, 627 students cast their vote for their student representatives to ASCBC. That is a HISTORIC EVENT for Baltimore City—thank you to everyone who ran or voted in the elections!

The winning candidates for the ASCBC Executive Board are:

President: Ethan Eblaghie
Vice President: Yasmine Blanchard
Secretary: Brianna Burnett
Treasurer: Saidah Ervin
Middle School Executive: Jahniya Hill
LGBTQ+ Diversity Liaison: Ezra Horwitz
African American Diversity Liaison: Camille Coffey
Latinx Diversity Liaison: Fernando Antonio Uben Zacaria

Interested in participating in student government at the school or district level? Email to learn more.

Candidate speeches and statements

Member Of Board

Quinn Katz-Zogby, Baltimore School for the Arts: Video


Ethan Eblaghie, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Video

Humed Nura, Patterson High School: Video

Vice President

Yasmine Blanchard, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Video

Kiya Henderson, Patterson High School: Candidate Details


Brianna Burnett, Baltimore City College: Video

Ellen Griffin, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Personal Statement

Jewel Lumpkins, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Video


Saidah Ervin, Baltimore City College: Video

Middle School Executive

Jordan Divers, Henderson Hopkins: Video

Jahniya Hill, The Stadium School: Video

LGBTQ Diversity Liaison

Anijia Barnes, Patterson High School: Video

Ezra Horwitz, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Video

African American Diversity Liaison

Camille Coffey, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Video

LatinX Diversity Liaison

Fernando Antonio Uben Zacaria, Reginald F Lewis: Personal Statement