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Virtual learning for schools w/no AC June 14

City Schools without air conditioning or with A/C units under repair will participate in virtual learning while staff will teach from home on Monday, June 14. View full list of schools at

Meal sites located at those schools will be closed.

Expires on 6/14

Celebrating the Class of 2021

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

We know how important graduation ceremonies are for seniors and their families and our school communities. We are pleased to be able to hold in-person graduations this year in June that honor our young people while adhering to health and safety guidelines. 

Graduations will take place from June 9-16, 2021, and will be live-streamed on Facebook and YouTube

School graduations
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Every ceremony will adhere to district Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures along with City guidance around events.  All event guidelines are subject to change based on modifications to health and safety guidance.

2021 High School Graduation Ceremony Guidance

Event guidelines are subject to change based on modifications to health and safety guidance. 

During the ceremony:

  • All in-person ceremonies and will be held outside
  • All students must be seated 6 feet apart wearing a face mask at all times
  • Student will be provided a limited amount of tickets
  • All guests and families should also be seated 6 feet apart, but households can be podded together for seating purposes  
  • Students, families, volunteers, guests and others at the graduation must be masked at all times
  • No balloons

After the ceremony:

  • Students must process out first at the close of ceremony
  • Attendees will be dismissed by section
  • Attendees must not congregate waiting to leave the ceremony

Persons unwilling to comply with event protocols may be asked to leave the event.

Rain Plan

  • If it is raining at the start of the ceremony, students will assemble inside the auditorium, and the ceremony will be streamed live for families to view on the City Schools website and YouTube channel from their vehicle.
  • If there is rain without lightning during the ceremony, the ceremony will continue.  We have ponchos available for students. 
  • If there is rain with lightning, students will transition to the auditorium and the ceremony will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook for families to watch from their vehicles.  We regret that families will not able to be in the auditorium, due to the space constraints of social distancing and lack of air conditioning.  We will have a separate indoor location for families using public transportation.  
  • Families will be alerted to any ceremony changes through robocalls from your school. 

Honoring High School Graduates at City Hall

We are currently working on this year's schedule. 


We have yard or window signs to celebrate every senior.  Please connect with your school for more information.

Senior Check-out

In June, seniors will have the opportunity to return to their school to drop off any school-owned items. During that time, students will also be able to pick up their diplomas, and other related items. Specific details will be shared by the end of May and the school will share a specific schedule.

All students or parents coming to senior check-out should wear a mask and be prepared to remain appropriately distanced. Seniors unable to come at the scheduled times should reach out to their schools to schedule a specific time.

Senior Dues

This year, senior dues were not collected. However, schools may offer individual celebration events that may incur a cost. Please connect with your school for details and costs.

Transition Guide

Quick and accurate information for the Class of 2020 is now available through the quick-reference version of “Transitions: A Guide for The Class of 2020.” This one sheet, available in English and Spanish, includes abbreviated updates about end-of-year matters such as testing, credits, and more.

Full version of the Transitions guide

Postsecondary Transition

The district and each high school are committed to supporting seniors to your next step. Our goal is for every graduating senior to have a post-secondary plan.

Virtual School Counselor
If students do not know how to reach out to their school counselor or college advisor, they can contact the virtual counselor, and he or she can help or direct them to the appropriate person. Students who have questions or need additional support can reach out to their school counselor/college advisor or contact the virtual counselor.

Two-year/Four-year College
Complete a college application, take the placement test, complete a FAFSA, add colleges to the FAFSA, find and apply for scholarships, complete the FAFSA verification process with the college (if there is a drastic change to your financial situation, reach out to the college for additional financial aid), conduct virtual college tours, review-compare-accept/decline financial aid, develop a class schedule, pay enrollment/housing deposits (varies by school).

Training/Apprenticeship Program


  • Contact military recruiter, take and pass the ASVAB, pass physical at MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), meet with a MEPS career counselor to determine a career, take the oath of enlistment, and receive orders with Basic Training report date


Class of 2020 flashback!

Our principals have some amazing moves— and a special message for seniors on the last day of senior spirit week!