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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Achievement and Accountability Office

The Achievement and Accountability Office administers assessments with fidelity, ensures high quality and accurate data reporting, increases the use of research through policy analytics and program evaluation, develops formative and summative tools for measuring school effectiveness, and integrates and shares knowledge of schools throughout the district. Through this work, schools, school leaders, teachers and staff can maximize the use of student performance data to inform and increase data-driven decision-making.
Kim Robinson
Interim Achievement and Accountability Officer
Kimberly Robinson

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 203
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 410-396-8962; fax 410-396-8627


  • Wallace L. Grace, special assistant
    Email, phone 443-642-4589

Departments within the Achievement and Accountability Office

Knowledge Management
Lisette Morris, director

Research Services
Kimberly Robinson, director

School Evaluation and Accountability/Effectiveness
Ryan Balch, director

Student Assessment
Carol Wilson, director

Primary responsibilities

  1. Ensure that all components of the administration of state-and district-mandated assessments are conducted with integrity
  2. Produce and maintain a data archive of key City Schools student- and school-level data, with basic definitions and data source information
  3. Provide timely, high-quality research and analytics to inform policy decision-making
  4. Report national and annual state test scores and graduation rates
  5. Disseminate research results to the City Schools community in a useful and understandable format
  6. Increase the analysis, reporting and discussion across the district around Common Core State Standards and college and career readiness
  7. Develop and implement tools and processes to measure teacher, school leader and school performance, promoting consistency, transparency and accountability
  8. Build systemic processes and tools to enhance the synthesis, interpretation and communication of information on City Schools data, using data systems