Principal Jackson  
Principal’s Letter
The new school year is underway, and it is our goal at Reginald F. Lewis High School of Business and Law School to ensure that every student is college and career ready.   Your School's Family Council and the Officials of Baltimore City Public Schools have interviewed and selected me to serve as your new principal, effective July 31, 2013.  I am thrilled to have been selected as your principal and will strive to continue the vision and work of Mr. Reginald F. Lewis, for our school and our community.   I believe that all students can achieve academically if provided with a rigorous education in a positive, supportive and nurturing environment generated and supported by all stakeholders. I believe in a student-centered school where students have a strong say and stake into their own learning. This is the true recipe for student success.

Each day we will make every effort to be a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment. This will be an institution where all students will demonstrate significant and continuous growth in their learning abilities by thinking critically, engaging in academic talk, mastering certain skills and content, acting responsibly and contributing positively to their community.

We will focus on increasing our school's performances scores on all state mandated assessments, increase scores on our SAT/ACT exams, as well as increase scores on our AP exams.  These specific assessments are on measures used to prequalify you for a successful entry into post-secondary education and/or career.

I work under the philosophy that failure is not an option for our young urban students. I recognize that you come to school in search of something different, exciting and special. Our school will provide you with a different high school experience while we prepare you for academic, social and civic successes. We will not allow you to fail (Failure is not an option).

By actively participating in your own education in and out of the classroom, you will help yourself reach you goal.  I encourage you to maintain contact with your teachers, guidance counselor, and administrators on a regular base in an effort to address or resolve any issues or concerns. Our staff stands ready to help you reach your goal and fulfill your dreams, so please free to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.

In closing, we do not have much time to think of the past, but rather, to take strategic steps to prepare you for the future, with that being said, let’s work together as one family to improve our preparedness for tomorrow while we improve our school community today.


Daric V. Jackson, Principal


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