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Congratulations to the new ASCBC student officers and student commissioner!

June 2013

Submitted by: Cody Dorsey , incoming student commissioner,
Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners

Congratulations to the new officers of The Associated Student Congress of Baltimore City (ASCBC) and City Schools' new school board student commissioner!  ASCBC is the citywide student government association that brings student leaders together to discuss issues they and their peers are facing.

sga"Being granted this opportunity to serve as President of the ASCBC is astonishing and it makes me believe I have a chance of reaching ultimate success," said Angel Williams, a student at Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy High School, and the newly elected president.  Trevana Eades, who also attends Vivien T. Thomas and was elected vice president, shared the joy with Angel. “Being a new officer of ASCBC, I am very humbled to be amongst a group of teens who wants to make a change for our peers."

Elections were held on June 7 in the Maryland Senate President's Conference Room in Annapolis. At the meeting,  delegates were joined by staff from City Schools' Office of Learning to Work, and Student Government Association Advisors.

The new officers are:
PRESIDENT: Angel Williams
TREASURER: Ashley Yerby
SECRETARY: Courtney Smith

When asked how it felt to be the new student commissioner, Dorsey said,  "It hasn't really sunk in yet.  it's still so surreal, but on the day of my first school board meeting I'm sure I'll be speechless and filled with excitement."
Cody Dorsey

  Cody Dorsey, incoming student commissioner,
Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners