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High school students intern at local hospital

February 2013

“I learned that when you look on the x-ray, air appears black,” says Jessica, a student at Baltimore Civitas Middle/High School.

Jessica is one of five students from Civitas who interned for six weeks at Maryland General Hospital. Upon completing their internship, they present what they learned to the doctors who served as their mentors.

“I learned that at a hospital, it’s just not a whole bunch of people working together,” says Ronald, a senior at Civitas. “It’s actually like a family, like a team; it’s a unity.”

“My first career, I want to be a psychologist, but through this internship partnership, I can see myself in a second career as a medical doctor,” says Jerome, another student intern in the program.

“This was a program that really developed after conversations with some of my colleagues about how we can share some of our enthusiasm for the healthcare industry with people in high school,” says Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, the Director of Gastroenterology at the hospital. “Once the idea for the program came about, the high school provided the students, and we provided some energetic mentors to meet with the kids.”

“It’s interesting, it made me want to get into the medicine career field more,” says Jeneai, a freshman at Civitas.

For more information on how you can work as a volunteer at Maryland General Hospital, please contact the volunteer office at (410) 225-8397.