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Govans Launches New Community Engagment Initiative

Govans sign unveiling Govans Elementary, Live Baltimore and the Baltimore Curriculum Project(BCP) will launched a new Community Engagement Initiative at an unveiling ceremony for the school's new sign on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 8:30am at 5801 York Road.

Last fall, Live Baltimore selected Govans to participate in a comprehensive community outreach program, which includes developing a new brand identity, designing outreach materials, promoting Govans in the community, and collaborating with BCP to pursue funding for continued outreach activities.

"Govans Elementary is the best kept secret in the York Road Corridor. We want everyone in the community to know that they have an outstanding neighborhood school in their own backyard," said BCP Executive Vice President Larry Schugam.

In addition to Live Baltimore, Strong City Baltimore has played a pivotal role in these outreach efforts. Strong City has engaged hundreds of community members in the planning process for a new Govans facility, which is slated to break ground in 2017.

Strong City Baltimore had also added staffing support to this planning effort, employing a community school liaison to carry out a needs assessment with the community to determine the scope of programming that could be built out at the school.

The new community engagement initiative is supported, in part, by a $280,000 Federal Charter School Program Expansion grant awarded to BCP in 2015. The grant's aim is to help increase in-zone enrollment by 50% over the next five years. The new Govans facility planned for School Year 18/19 will accommodate this expansion.

Since becoming the charter operator for Govans in July 2015, BCP has brought a wide array of resources to the school including a new curriculum, customized professional development, in-class coaching, administrative supports and a new 21st Century Community Learning Center funded by the Maryland State Department of Education.

"Live Baltimore envisions strong and thriving neighborhoods, where families benefit from meaningful community connections and enthusiastically enroll in their zoned elementary schools," said Live Baltimore Marketing Director Annie Milli.

"The 'destination school' model that BCP has fostered at its other schools is one that must be replicated for this vision to become a reality."