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Greetings Parents, Guardians, Students, Community and Staff!

Success is something all of us aspire to. It does not come easy, unfortunately, and it will not just occur overnight. It'll take hard work, perseverance, and time. To become successful, one has to mirror the typical practices of individuals who already are successful and follow their footsteps. 

First off, nobody has a perfect life and all of us are faced with occasional injustice and variables. Rather than sitting there feeling pity for yourself, allowing it to get to you and providing you the reason to make excuses, move ahead and put it behind you. Utilize it as motivation and use this time to grow and learn.  Next, motivation is essential to success.  Real motivation can only come from inside you.  Others may encourage you and influence you, but motivation drives you.

As the saying goes, the early bird always gets the worm. Successful individuals do not sleep in late or take a day off. They work very passionately and hard every day until they attain their goals. Your may have to tone down your social life, but, with early mornings, your focus will be completely on your objective.  Once you’re up, get moving!  Keeping physically active provides greater blood-flow to the brain, improved focus, and enhanced alertness

I can't stress how vital it is to have unbreakable faith in yourself. A lot of people question if their dream will ever come true. Strong people have unbreakable faith and know what they're doing is right.  Morals and principles are two things which sometimes seem nonexistent in our modern society, like a thing of the past. Identify which principles you have to guide your life through the rough times and the good times. Your morals and principles should not change, no matter what.

You'd be surprised how insecure most successful individuals are. What motivates most of them to succeed is wanting to prove something to other people. From that insecurity emerges a need to elevate their status and develop change, a need so strong that failure is not an option. If you have a desire to be successful you must have that powerful driving force to remain motivated. Quitting never should be an option. The only time you ought to stop is when you have attained your goal. Then, develop a new goal.




Rosa Carmon, Principal     




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