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    Dear Families, Students, and Staff;

    Welcome to School Year 2017 -2018!  As principal of Elementary/Middle Alternative Programs (EMAPs) our goal is to continue to focus on supporting and monitoring the academic, behavior, and clinical programs we have in place emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collaboration among all the stakeholders, including parent to ensure the best interest of our students.

    Our accomplishments of the past year in the Bridge Academy, transitioning and bridging over 22 students who have earned their way to the next grade level and/or the groundwork to accelerate to High School.  This work continues to inspire us as we work to support our students in their journey to success.  This accomplishment is significant not only to our students but to their families and communities considering that these 22 students were once at risk of dropping out of middle school.  EMAPs is proud that our district, City Schools, through this program, can provide a setting where opportunities are limitless and possibilities are a reality to help students recover credits, bridge to appropriate grades and realize their unlimited potentials.

    This school year in alignment with the growing needs of our program we are adding a second science teacher, an additional special education teacher, and a full time gym/health teacher to our staffing team.  The second science teacher will help us provide more intensive and hands-on science instruction for our students, the additional special education teacher, will help us target the individual needs of our student population.  And lastly, the gym/health teacher will provide the physical activities that many of our students seek to support improved grades, school attendance, cognitive performance (e.g., memory), and classroom behaviors (e.g., on-task behavior). 

    In closing the leadership and entire EMAPs staff, look forward to your continued commitment, involvement, and support as we make sure that we work as a team to have our students come to school early and ready to learn every single day.  Let’s continue to support our students to regain focus, recover credits, and build the confidence to make their possibilities become a reality.

    Rosa D. Carmon


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