• School Name: Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove

    School number: 239

    Principal: Chris Battaglia
    Assistant Principals: Simon Birenbaum , April Myrick, Juliet Neil
    Telephone Number: 410-396-1373

    Fax Number: 410-396-8434

    School Colors: Our colors are Green and Gold. Green symbolizes support for social and political movements that encourage global environmental protection, social responsibility and nonviolence. Gold represents our standard of excellence. Our standards are high. We want the best for our school, for ourselves, and for our community.



    Motto: "We are... Nosotros somos... Ben Franklin"

    Mascot: Bayhawk

    Uniform Requirements: We are a uniform school requiring students to select from any Bayhawk tops sold in the school store which include white, green or gold polo or oxford shirts with the school emblem. 

    Location and Transportation: We are located at 1201 Cambria Street. The school is located along bus routes #16 and #64.

    Alma Mater: "We Are Ben Franklin" by Thomas Robert Randall Jr. 
    We are Ben Franklin
    We'll stand for generations;
    With pride, strength, with honor and integrity.
    We are Ben Franklin
    We'll lead by great examples;
    We've earned our education, so success we'll achieve.
    We are leaders--we are strong,
    We will rise just like the sun
    We are Ben Franklin--we are your tomorrow;
    And when this time has ended we forever will be.
    We are...Ben Franklin!
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