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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Office of Student Support and Safety

Bullying and Harassment

City Schools takes all incidents of bullying and harassment seriously. Included below are internal and external resources for parents, students, schools, and the broader City Schools' community about preventing, reporting and intervening in bullying and harassment incidents in school.

Reporting of Bullying and Harassment Incidents

Step 1
. Contact your child’s school and verbally report the bullying incident(s).

Step 2
. Complete a Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Reporting Form available at your child’s school. The form can also be obtained online (en español) and submitted to the school.  Reports may be submitted electronically by completing this form online.
  • The school principal or Bullying designee investigates the incident within 2 school days. Resolution for incidents is given to parents/guardians within this same period of 2 school days.
  • The school submits the report, investigation and intervention taken in the City Schools online Harassment application within 2 school days.
  • Appropriate disciplinary action is taken. All suspensions for bullying should be accompanied by both a Bullying, Harassment or Intimidation Report and an Investigation report.  Principals are invited to use this investigation form to guide their response.  Guidance can be found in this document.
Step 3. If not satisfied with the investigation, contact the Office of Student Support through our Safety Hotline at 410-396-SAFE.
  • The Office of Student Support will work with the school to ensure that the incident is investigated within 2 school days. The Office of Student Support will ensure that resolution is sufficient. 

State and Federal Laws and Baltimore City Public Schools Policy and Regulations
     COMAR 13A.01.04.03 - Safe Schools - Right of all children to be in schools free of harassment
     Safe Schools Reporting Act of 2005 - Requirements for the reporting of Bullying, Harassment, or 
     COMAR 7-424- Reporting incidents of harassment or intimidation against students
     Maryland's Model Policy to Address Bullying, Harassment, or Intimidation - MSDE
     Dear Colleague Letter: Harassment and Bullying - from the Office for Civil Rights
     Misuse of Interactive Computer Service (Grace's Law) - Cyberbullying criminal law

     Baltimore City Schools Bullying and Harassment Policy (JICK)
     Baltimore City Schools Bullying and Harassment Regulations (JICK-RA)

Resources for Parents
 Eliminating Bullying - A "Report to Parents" - National Association of Elementary School Principals
     Bullying at School and Online - from
     "What Every Parent Should Know About Bullying"  - from Safe and Supportive Schools
     Tips for Parents- from author Allen Beane and the "Bully Free Program"
     What If Your Child Is the Bully? - from the PACER Center
     A Brief Look at the Differences Between Teasing and Bullying - from author Jeff Dess
     Bullies and Victims: Information for Parents - from National Association of School Psychologists
     Bullying Prevention - Recommendations for Parents- from the Safe Communities, Safe Schools
Resources for Students  

     Wide Angle Youth Media - Bullying  - Videos created by young people in Baltimore
     Report It- Cyberbullying - Links to abuse reporting sites for social networks
     Advice for Youth - from Stan Davis, bullying expert and founder of Stop Bullying Now
     Kids Against Bullying - from PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center
Resources for Principals
     Overview of Bullying and Civil Rights - Quick summary from the Office for Civil Rights
     Bullying Prevention and Intervention - "Counseling 101" from NASP
     Bullying Prevention State Laws - School's Legal Responsibility - from
     Bully Busters - a FREE interactive workshop from Kaiser Permanente; serves Baltimore City
     Schoolwide Methods for Fostering Resiliency - Article from NASP
     "Transformative Leadership for Social Emotional Learning" - Article from NASP
     The Best Bullying Prevention Schools Aren't Doing - from Education World       
     Victims: Preventing Students from Becoming Bully-Victims - from
 Resources for Teachers
     Tips and Topics for Bullying Prevention Success - Guides from The Colorado Trust's Bullying 
         Prevention Initiative
     "What actually helps in bullying situations" - Research summary from the Youth Voice Project
     Promoting Social-Emotional Competence: Protecting Children from Bullying
         FREE online workshop from Mariposa 
     Anti-Bullying Resource List - from MSDE
     Bullying: A Module for Teachers - FREE online training from the American Psychological 
     Bullying Prevention: Recommendations for Schools - Fact Sheet from 
         Safe Communities, Safe Schools
 Lesson Plans/Classroom Ideas
     Bullied: A Student, a School and a Case That Made History - FREE educator kit from  - Southern Poverty Law Center
     Defining Bullying - Teacher's Guide - From The John Howard Society of Alberta
     Curriculum Connections - Lesson Plan Ideas for Bullying and Related Topics from 
         the Anti-Defamation League
     Embedding Bullying Prevention in Core Curriculum - A Teacher's Guide (K-12) from Boston
     Educator Resources - Lesson Plans and Resources for Bullying and Related Topics from GLSEN
     Educational Activities - Classroom Toolkits and Other Activities from PACER's 
          National Bullying Prevention Center
     "Building a Classroom Community and Bully-Free Zone" - From PBS Kids "It's My Life"
     Resolving Conflicts - Free Lesson Plan from Discovery Education
     Eyes on Bullying: What Can YOU Do? - from Education Development Center   
 Resources for Mental Health Workers
     Working with Young People Who are Bullied: Tips for Mental Health Workers - from 
     Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms -  Safe and Supportive 
         Schools Technical Assistance Center,
     Bullying Prevention Specialist Training - from American School Counselor Association
     Bully Free, It Starts With Me - from National Education Association
     Tips for Working with Provocative Victims (Victim-Bullies) - from The Colorado Trust's 
         Bullying Prevention Initiative
     Behavioral Interventions - Bullying - from
Resources for School Support Staff
     Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation's School Buses - Training Module from 
         U.S. Dept. Of Education
     Bus Drivers and Bullying Prevention - from the National Education Association
     Bullying Prevention for Secretaries and Administrative Aides - from the 
         National Education Association
Resources Relating to LGBTQ Students
     GLSEN - Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, including Baltimore contacts for 
         starting Gay-Straight Alliances
     PFLAG - Parents, Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays
     Queer Youth Advice for Educators - Booklet for promoting respect and safety 
     Bullying of LGBT Youth and Those Perceived to Have Different Sexual Orientations
Resources Relating to Students with Disabilities
     National Bullying Prevention Center - from, "Champions for Children with Disabilities"
     Bullying and Learning Disabilities - from the National Center for Learning Disabilities
     Bully Free World - Special Needs Toolkit from The Bully Project
     Bullying Resources and Toolkits - from
     "Briefing Paper: Bullying and Students with Disabilities" - from the National Council on Disability 
     "Bullying and Disabled Kids" - from
     Protecting Your Child from Bullying in School - from Disabilities
     Vulnerable Targets: Students with Disabilities and Bullying - from Federation for 
         Children with Special Needs
     Keeping Students with Disabilities Safe from Bullying - Dear Colleagues Letter from the Office of
         Special Education and Rehabilitative Services,
Resources Relating to Social Emotional Learning
     Evidence Based Program Fact Sheets - from National Center for Mental Health Promotion 
         and Youth Violence Prevention
     CASEL Guide - National Review of SEL Programs from the Collaborative for Academic, Social
          and Emotional Learning
     Youth Violence: Prevention Strategies - Review of Programs from the Center for Disease Control 
         and Prevention
     Violence Prevention Evidence Base - Review of Programs from the World Health Organization 
     "How Effective are School Bullying Intervention Programs? A Meta-Analysis of Intervention 
" - School Psychology Quarterly
General Resources and Those Relating to School Climate
     Bullying Prevention - from Maryland State Department of Education
     Archived Webinars on Bullying and Climate - from Safe and Supportive Schools-
         Technical Assistance Center,
     Stop Bullying Now - Website of Bullying Expert and Author Stan Davis
     Youth Voice Project - Summary of Research into What Students Report Helped Stop Bullying
     How Bullying Affects Children - from Hazelden Publishing - Olweus Bullying Prevention Program 
     Bullying in Schools: An Overview - from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
     Climate Based Strategies for Violence Prevention - Brief Pamphlet from NAESP
     Bullying and School Climate Fact Sheet - APA Public Interest Government Relations Office
     Bullying Prevention Resources - Center for Safe Schools
     Infographic- Bullying: What You Need to Know - from
Resources from Other States
     Pennsylvania Bullying Prevention Toolkit- Excellent, comprehensive resource from the Center for
          Safe Schools and the Highmark Foundation
    Direct from the Field: A Guide to Bullying Prevention - from a Massachusetts Taskforce
    Best Practices in Bullying Prevention and Intervention - from a coalition of Illinois educators 
         and lawmakers
    Maine's Best Practices in Bullying and Harassment Prevention - A Guide for Schools and 
    Steps to Effective Bullying Prevention/Intervention Planning - A practical planning template from 
         Washington state
    Bullying Prevention and Response - a guide from Santa Fe Public Schools
    The Educators Guide for School Climate and Bullying Behaviors - from Akron (Ohio) Public Schools