Middle and High School Choice

  • Choice Fair Dec 9 At City Schools, students choose what middle or high school they attend. With a variety of schools offering a range of programs, families have the chance to explore options and find the school that is the best fit for each student.

    Choice applications for the 2018-19 school year are due back to schools by January 19:

    Use the Choice Guide to learn about different schools and programs. Printed copies are available in schools and the district office.

    2018-19 Choice Guide Cover 2018-19 Choice Guide Cover (Spanish)
    2018-19 Middle and High School Choice Guide Escuela Secundaria y Preparatoria Guía de Elección


    All current eighth-grade students must fill out a choice application by January 19. 

    Fifth-grade students currently enrolled in an elementary school with middle grades may choose to remain at their school or fill out a choice application to attend another middle school.

    Fifth-grade students currently enrolled in an elementary school without middle grades must fill out a choice application by January 19. 


    STEP 1: Get informed about your options, including the requirements and application processes for different schools and what’s special about each school. Talk to your school's choice liasion about your options, browse school websites, and attend open houses or shadow days. You can also learn about different schools by reading the Choice Guide, which will be available online in mid-November.

    STEP 2: Pick five schools to enter on your choice application, ranking them from first choice to fifth. To help narrow down your top five, think about the following:

    • What interests you most about school? Specific subjects? Job training? Sports or other activities? Something else?
    • At what type of school do you think you’d be most successful? Big or small? All boys/girls or co-ed? A school with a specific focus or with lots of options?
    • How will you get to school? How long will it take you to get there? Are you sure you can be there on time every day?
    • What do your family, school counselor, teachers, or friends think about the choices you are considering?

    Some schools have a school-based lottery or their own specialized application instead of the choice application process, so make sure to talk to your choice liasion about what schools you're interested in.

    STEP 3: Complete your choice application and submit it to your current school by January 19, 2018.

    STEP 4: Look for a letter from City Schools by March 2, 2018, letting you know where you’ll be going for middle or high school next year.