The Human Capital Office works to attract and retain high-quality staff at all levels and supports all district employees so that they contribute to improved student learning. This office is responsible for recruiting and hiring; implementing performance assessment systems; tracking performance, placements and certifications; and overall strategic management of staffing.

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Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
Room 110
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 410-396-8885
Fax 410-545-0897
Email (for general inquiries) 

Human Capital Officer
Lisa Grillo

Sarah Abell, special assistant (email)

Departments and divisions of the Human Capital Office

Teacher Effectiveness
Sarah Diehl, director (email)
(Read about teacher effectiveness initiatives) 

School Leader Effectiveness
Lisa Bishop, director (email)
(Read about school leader effectiveness initiatives) 

District Office Effectiveness


Employee Services

Evaluation and Training 
Jessica Papia, manager (email)

Labor Relations

Strategy and Information Systems