Academics Office

The Academics Office coordinates resources to support learning by ensuring that students receive rigorous, engaging instruction tailored to their individual needs; delivering professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders; and providing structures to ensure that school environments are safe and conducive to learning.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 410-396-8810
Fax 410-396-9663

Chief Academic Officer
Linda Chen


  • Theodore Thompson, deputy chief academic officer (email)
  • Keith Dysarz, special assistant (email)
  • Amreena Hussain, executive assistant (email)

  • Departments and divisions of the Academics Office

    Executive Directors of Principal Support

    School Leadership
    Tasha Franklin Johnson, director (email, phone 443-984-2017)

    Secondary Education Services

    Special Education

    Strategic School Improvement (Title I, including Turnaround Initiatives)
    (phone 410-396-8937)

    Student Support and Safety

    Teaching and Learning