Academics Office

The Academics Office coordinates resources to support learning by ensuring that students receive rigorous, engaging instruction tailored to their individual needs; delivering professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders; and providing structures to ensure that school environments are safe and conducive to learning.

Contact information

200 E. North Avenue
4th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone 410-396-8810
Fax 410-396-9663

Chief Academic Officer
Linda Chen


  • Theodore Thompson, deputy chief academic officer (email)
  • Keith Dysarz, special assistant (email)
  • Jennifer Dull, manager, 21st-Century Buildings Initiative (email)

  • Departments and divisions of the Academics Office

    Executive Directors of Principal Support

    Secondary Education Services

    Special Education

    Strategic School Improvement (Title I, including Turnaround Initiatives)
    Tasha Franklin Johnson, director (email, phone 443-984-2017)

    Student Support and Safety

    Teaching and Learning