• Partnering with the Baltimore Teachers Union

    In most U.S. school districts (and, until recently, in Baltimore), teachers' contracts provide salary increases based on years of service and factors such as graduate degrees. For the most part, they don't talk about professional growth along a defined career ladder, and they don't explicitly reward excellent performance regardless of number of years on the job.

    The current contract between BTU and City Schools does both. It allows teachers to map out a career path, and it lets City Schools recognize and compensate teachers who demonstrate their effectiveness.

    At City Schools, teachers are placed on one of four career pathways, based on their experience, effectiveness and job requirements:

    • Standard
    • Professional
    • Model
    • Lead

    Within each pathway, teachers earn “achievement units” (AUs) by, for example, participating in professional development or receiving excellent performance evaluations. With 12 AUs, a teacher moves up an “interval” in the pathway, and receives a salary increase. Teachers can also take on additional responsibilities, and move from one pathway to the next.