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Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Effectiveness: The Path to Building a System of Great Schools

Baltimore City Public Schools' efforts to create an entire system of great schools are rooted in a core belief:

If resources are in the schools and

  • School communities have autonomy over those resources
  • Those resources are allocated transparently and equitably
  • The district office provides guidance and support to schools and holds them accountable for student achievement

… then school communities will make the best possible decisions to meet their schools' needs and student achievement will increase.

All of City Schools' recent major initiatives flow from this belief. And these district priorities reflect it:

  • Ensuring that all students experience rigorous and engaging curricula and instruction
  • Cultivating an environment where staff feels supported and performs at high levels
  • Providing the 21st-century school buildings that students and staff need and deserve
  • Engaging families and communities as resources and opportunities for student success
  • Using fiscal resources maximize management practices and customer service
  • Creating high-quality school options for students and families in all parts of the city

To stay true to its core belief and realize these priorities, City Schools must function effectively at every level. So the district is building and implementing systems for measuring effectiveness. It is starting with the roll-out of systems for developing and measuring