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PLTW Teachers: PLTW Team

  • Ms. Ball, Room 107 (DE)
  • Mr. Fofanah, Room 109: IED, POE, EDD
  • Sgt. Smith (not pictured), Rooms 122 and 110A: AE
  • Mr. Yates, Room 110: POE, CIM

Ms. Ball also teaches courses in Manufacturing and Robotics. Mr. Fofanah also teaches a variety of math courses, including Algebra II and Precalculus. Sgt. Smith teaches Air Force JROTC students in addition to Aerospace Engineering. Mr. Yates teaches math courses as well, including Geometry and Algebra II with Trigonometry.

AOE/PLTW Support Teachers:

  • Mr. Barbalace, Biology
  • Ms. Ford - Guidance
  • Ms. Foster - English
  • Mr. Gilman - Art
  • Ms. Holter - Art
  • Maj. Hooker - Air Force / JROTC
  • Md. John - Chemistry
  • Ms. Nash - English
  • Ms. Nichols - Social Studies
  • Ms. Phelan - English
  • Ms. Rayteran - Biology
  • Ms. Rhue - Work-Based Learning Coordinator
  • Ms. Roberts - Mathematics
  • Ms. Varela - Spanish
  • Mr. Wagoner - English
  • Mr. Walker - Design Tech (CAD)
  • Ms. Williams - Mathematics
These teachers support the Academy of Engineering in various ways. We meet regularly to discuss students shared in common, and find ways to ensure those students' success. We write interdisciplinary lessons that connect all academy classes, incorporating engineering ideas and themes. We recruit both incoming middle schoolers and industry partners, to provide our students with the best AOE experience possible!