Pre-k at Play

As part of City Schools' initiative to support early learning through exploration and play, thousands of Baltimore's four- and five-year-olds visited city attractions during the 5th Annual Pre-k at Play held on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.
Pre-k at Play transforms Baltimore into a huge classroom where students discover and experience the cultural, scientific, and artistic institutions of our city. At the same time, they are gaining important background knowledge that will help their learning for a lifetime. When students already know something about a topic, they are better able to understand new information. And when they can connect classroom instruction to experiences in their own lives, student learning is deepened. City Schools' pre-k programs help young learners build on that background knowledge—and prepare them for success in kindergarten and beyond.
Visiting different locations throughout the city is an excellent and a fun opportunity for children to build background knowledge. And when parents come along, they can reinforce their children's learning by sharing in it and discussing it at home.