• All principals/assistant principals

    Promotion and Retention Appeals and Waiver Forms

    Deadlines:  June 19 and June 26

    On Monday June 11, online forms in the HEAT Portal will be available and are required to document 1) all parent appeals of promotion and retention decisions and 2) all proposed waivers of promotion and retention requirements per City Schools’ promotion and retention policy IKEA.

    To access the forms in HEAT, please follow the attached instructions:

    Appeals Process:

    • All parents should be notified of a retention in writing (including via the report card) and via telephone call by the last day of school.
    • Parents have 10 business days from notification to submit an appeal. This can be done using the attached form. However, all written appeals must be accepted.
    • Within 5 business days of receipt of the appeal, complete the Appeals HEAT ticket with your recommendation to submit the appeal to your ILED.
    • ILED will have 10 business days to send notification of the ruling.
    • Principals will provide written notification of the ILED’s final decision to the family immediately after receipt of the ILEDs’ decision.

    Waiver Process:

    Waivers should be used in cases where a waiver of the promotional requirements is in the best interest of students. For example, regulation IKEA-RA states that a student who has previously been retained in grades K-8 should not be retained more than once prior to grade 8. Waivers should be used to document these circumstances.

    Within 5 business days of the last day of school, Principals should submit the Waiver in HEAT and submit a copy to parents. ILEDs will approve the submitted waiver request after receipt.

    Please contact Danny Heller in the College and Career Readiness Office with questions at (deheller@bcps.k12.md.us).


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