• Elementary school principals/assistant principals

    Middle school principals/assistant principals

    Reminders for Schools with Rising 6th and 9th Grade Students

    Deadline: June 15

    In an effort to alleviate families’ uncertainty regarding placements for SY 18/19, we are asking that all schools use available time this spring to remind the families of rising 6th and 9th graders of their placements for next year. This communication can be via mail, email, or ParentLink call, asking families to check on their students’ placement for next year. The goal is to help parents understand where their students will be attending in the new school year.

    In addition, if IEP teams have not reviewed issues of safe travel for students who are transferring or being assigned to another school for the new year, we highly recommend that an IEP meeting be held in May. This will help make the transition to a new school easier for everyone.


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