• The visual arts program at Claremont Middle/High School # 307 guides students in the study of art, artists and cultures of different times and places. During art classes, students learn art processes and techniques and how to productively critique art as well as create unique artwork.

    Students have the opportunity to develop visual literacy,  problem solving and critical thinking skills through creative expression. Students produce art in a studio environment specifically designed for their needs, equipped with state of the art technology, adaptive devices, assistive technology and a multitude of art materials, equipment and supplies.  Students make art and express their ideas with traditional and non-traditional art materials.

    Students participate in visual arts activities for 90 minutes per week. During this time, students are involved in the therapeutic process of creating art which improves self-image and self-esteem, promotes self-expression, encourages independence and strengthens social skills.

    Claremont students participate in district, state and local community art shows and contests. Many students from Claremont have been honored to have their art displayed in the Arc of Baltimore’s ‘Art in the Round’, the Baltimore Museum of Art, Maryland State office buildings, Baltimore City Hall and in Annapolis, Maryland.

    Robin L. Reed-Langrehr has been an art educator for the last 25 years, here at Claremont for 6 years. Mrs. Reed-Langrehr holds Pre K-12 teaching certificates in both art education and special education.