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Friday, April 18, 2014

Charter, Contract, Transformation and Other Schools with Outside Operators

Every student and family is different, with different needs, interests, plans, strengths and challenges. That's why City Schools is committed to providing a range of school options from which students and families can choose.

Within that range, City Schools offers neighborhood schools, citywide schools with entrance criteria or special instructional emphases — and dozens of schools with "alternative governance," run under contracts or charters by "operators" outside the traditional district management structure. These include

City Schools is also committed to ensuring the effectiveness of the teachers, school leaders and schools that contribute to students' academic success. As part of their routine life, schools with outside operators are periodically evaluated by City Schools with respect to student academic performance, climate, and management and governance. These regularly scheduled evaluations are used to inform decisions on whether to renew operators' contracts.

For more information about charter, contract, transformation and other schools with outside operators, please contact New Initiatives at 410-396-8550.