• Dear Parents and Students,                                                                               August 2015

    Welcome to First Grade! We are so excited to get to know each of you and have fun learning together. This school year, students in section 101 will begin and end each day with Mrs. Breathnach. Students in 102 will begin and end each day with Ms. Sanchez. Mrs. Breathnach is going to teach all first graders English/Language Arts and Ms. Sanchez will teach Math, Science, Social Studies and Health.

    Attendance: Every single day matters, so please make every effort to have your child in school every day and on time. The bell rings at 7:45 and students must be seated in the classroom at 7:50am to be counted on time.

    Breakfast: Students who would like to eat breakfast in the cafeteria should be ready to enter at 7:10am. Breakfast is not permitted in classrooms.

    Homework: For Literacy, students will have a half sheet of homework to complete Mon-Thurs evenings. On Mondays, students will receive a full sheet with that week’s spelling words to prepare for Friday’s Spelling Quiz.
    For Math, students will receive a full sheet Monday to be turned in on Friday.

    Behavior: In First Grade, we use a color-coded behavior chart. Students begin every day on green. Students who end the day on green earn Class Dojo Points! Students will spend Dojo Points on a reward each Friday. Students may be turned UP to blue for exceptional behavior. Students may be turned to yellow as a warning. If unacceptable behavior continues, they will be turned to orange and have 5 minutes of “think time.” Lastly, if a student ends the day on red, Ms. Sanchez or Mrs. Breathnach will call home or send a note.

    Recess: Recess will be scheduled 3 times a week for all students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade. Recess will take place outside only if it is above 40
    º and dry.

    Lastly, let’s work together to build independence during the first month of school so that your child may begin to enter the classroom on their own as a first grader. Thank you in advance for your support; please contact us with any questions you may have.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Breathnach & Ms. Sanchez