• All principals and assistant principals

    Guidance on “Banning”

    Deadline: Ongoing

    Enclosed are both the policy documents and the templates that schools must use to restrict or exclude access to schools (commonly referred to as “banning”).  The most important information contained in the guidance is as follows:

    1. Principals have the authority to ban parents at three different levels: warning, restricted     access (limited access), and/or exclusion (no access, building or grounds).  
    2. Bannings may not last more than 120 calendar days at a time for parents; up to a year for visitors who are not parents.
    3. Bannings may be appealed; first to the ILED, then (if not satisfied) to the CEO Ombudsman.
    4. Principals must use the templates provided, which meet all of the requirements of due process.
    5. The Ombudsman's Office serves as the custodian of banning records; please make sure a copy of the ban letter is sent to the Ombudsman (kllawrence@bcps.k12.ms.us). 
    6. Don’t hesitate to contact the Ombudsman for consultation as needed and/or to ask clarifying questions. 

      Note:  All of this information is also available on Board Docs. 


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