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    2018-19 Bi-weekly staffing update

    Please review the following information on external hiring, substitutes, staff transitions from schools to the district office, and centralized placements. Principals should contact their human capital specialist with any questions.

    External hiring
    The Human Capital Office has been contacting candidates in the Applicant Tracking System to discern their continued interest in employment opportunities with City Schools and to ensure that the candidate pool is as up to date as possible. Principals should continue using the Applicant Tracking System to source suitable candidates to fill remaining vacancies. Below is the current status of positions open and closed to external hiring.

    Open for external hiring Not open for external hiring
    • Art
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Drama
    • Early childhood education
    • Elementary
    • English
    • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    • Foreign language: Spanish
    • General science
    • Health
    • IEP team associate
    • Math
    • Music
    • Physical education
    • Physics
    • Social studies
    • Special education
    • Technology
    • Teacher — Vocational (except business, CRD, interactive media production)
    K-12 certification area
    • Foreign language: French
    • Teacher — Secondary: Business*
    • Teacher — Vocational: Business, CRD, interactive media production
    • Guidance counselor*
    • Library media specialist*

    * In areas affected by the reduction in force, surplus employees with that job title and employees eligible for recall must be placed prior to new employees transitioning into the job title or to external hiring.

    All schools may need substitutes throughout the course of the year. While we have an active substitute pool, we are currently accepting substitute recommendations. To make a recommendation, please both ask the potential substitute to complete an online application and email your recommendation to Nekia Weaver, copying your human capital specialist.

    Staff transitions from schools to the district office
    Each year, we seek to ensure that school-based employees can explore opportunities at the district office while continuing to understand the primary importance of school-based instruction and support. This year, district office teams were given a deadline of August 3 for submitting hiring recommendations to the Human Capital Office for candidates transitioning from school-based roles to district office positions. While we always anticipate some recommendations for mid-year transitions, the recommending district office team will only be able to hire in such cases after working with the principal on an agreed-upon transition plan.

    Reminder: Centralized placements
    The Human Capital Office has begun central assignment of surplus employees into vacancies in accordance with their job titles and certification areas. Your human capital specialist will continue to inform principals of any centralized placements to your school. Beginning next week, additional staff may be centrally assigned into remaining vacancies.


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