• All principals/assistant principals/ILEDs/directors and Executive directors/officers

    Drill Requirements for All Schools

    Deadline: June 2017

    This is a reminder to enter verification of completed drills in the online School Drill and Emergency Evacuation Log. Be sure to conduct monthly Fire Drills (annual requirement: schools with fully automatic sprinkler systems must conduct a total of 5. Schools without fully automatic sprinkler systems, must conduct a total of 8 fire drills). Be sure to incorporate other drills on a monthly basis.

    In addition to Fire Drills, conduct one each of the following:

    • Bus Evacuation (annual requirement: conduct one in the Fall and Spring)
    • Evacuation Drill
    • Reverse Evacuation/Alert Status Drill
    • Lockdown Drill
    • Shelter in Place Drill
    • Severe Weather/Safe Weather Drill
    • Drop, Cover, and Hold Drill 

    Principals with programs in more than one building (such as Schools 105, 124, 421), must ensure that drills are being held in each building. Please adhere to all requirements pertaining to this mandate. We understand that conducting these drills is challenging; however, it is extremely important that schools hold a combination of scheduled and unscheduled drills in preparation for a real emergency event.

    For assistance, please contact Alice Watson (Director, Health and Safety) at AAWatson@bcps.k12.md.us


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