• All Principals/Assistant Principals

    Transportation Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

    Deadline: March 16

    Transportation Coordinators are vital to executing successful transportation services and assisting with the goal of “Safe, timely, consistent incident-free and courteous delivery of our students.” They work in partnership with the Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT) to ensure quality service delivery.

    • Transportation Coordinators are appointed by school administration to perform vital functions   that ensure reliable transportation, and act as the liaison between transportation personnel and the Office of Pupil Transportation.
    • Transportation Coordinators must be 12-month employees in order to perform their responsibilities during the school year and throughout the summer.
    • The designated Transportation Coordinator should have an assigned back-up who must also be a 12-month employee.

    Daily Responsibilities of Transportation Coordinators:

    1. Ensuring that all Student Transportation data is entered accurately into STS (Student Transportation System) in a timely manner, and updated as needed.
    2. Making certain that all bus attendants and cab drivers sign-in daily.
    3. Meeting all buses and/or cabs to unload students daily.
    4. Recording AM bus arrival and unloading time on Translog sheet, as well as monitoring AM arrival times for repeated lateness.
    5. Meeting all buses and/or cabs to board/load students by bringing students to the first step of the yellow bus and the door of the cab daily.
    6. Recording PM bus arrival and loading time on Translog sheet, as well as monitoring PM arrival times for repeated lateness.
    7. Entering both AM and PM Translog data into the system.
    8. Coordinating the receipt, distribution and safeguarding of Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) S-Passes and One Cards.
    9. Building working relationships with the Office of Pupil Transportation, contractor company staff, bus drivers, bus aides and cab drivers, as well as other partners that support the work of transporting students safely.
    10. Reporting all transportation-related concerns and incidents to your assigned OPT Customer Care Specialist.
    11. Sharing all reported transportation-related incidents with parents and appropriate school staff.
    12. Responding to and resolving all transportation-related concerns and incidents.


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