Leadership Action Update

January 19, 2017
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All leaders: United Way Baltimore City Schools Campaign extended (Deadline: February 17)

 Fundraising for the 2016-17 United Way Baltimore City Schools Campaign has been extended until Friday, February 17. Please encourage all staff members to support the campaign via payroll deduction (available until January 20) or via cash or credit donations.

New this year, employees can contribute to any eligible 501(c)3 charity, including schools and education-related programs. All donations have a real and positive impact on the children and families of Baltimore City.

For questions, email Carla Jackson at crjackson@bcps.k12.md.us.


Academics and Achievement


Family and Community


Additional dates and deadlines in the coming weeks


January 20


·         School family council registry

January 20


·         Test coordinator training

January 20


·         Dual enrollment at the University of Baltimore

January 20


·         United Way Baltimore City Schools Campaign

January 20 and 25


·         FY16 Title I parent involvement programming and spending

January 23 to 27


·         Q2 parent-teacher conferences

January 24 and 27


·         Preparing for Q2 report cards

January 26


·         Required training for sexual health program

January 26


·         January graduation validation for 5th-year seniors

Jan. 27 and Feb. 3


·         Correction requests for first formal observation scores

January 31


·         Heart of the School Awards

February 1


·         Invitation to request volunteers via PENCIL Partnership

February 6


·         Letters of intent for lead teacher interview requests

February 9


·         Nominations for Teacher of the Year award

February 15


·         Mid-year performance review of noncertificated staff

February 24


·         Annual school survey

February 28 and March 7


·         PSASA second conferences

March 6


·         Seeking members for community schools steering committee

March 10


·         YouthWorks applications

April 3 and 18


·         Spring BTU employee evaluation tasks



·         Administration window dates for assessments



·         Inclement weather reminder



·         Green cleaning products required at all schools



·         Grade posting for school year 2016-17



·         Updating personal contact information