Leadership Action Update

December 11, 2014

CEO and Board of Commissioners

Academics and achievement

  • All principals: Principal Learning Session (deadline: December 18)

  • All principals and assistant principals: Survey on Student Learning Objectives
    Complete this statewide survey and request teachers do the same (deadline: December 24)

  • High school principals: Performance data release
    Review and, after December 16, share data on graduation, HSAs, SAT, and AP results

  • High school principals and assistant principals: APEX updates
    Review and share information on changes to the APEX Learning program and upcoming trainings (deadline: January 7)


Additional important dates and deadlines in the next week

  • December 12 through January 16:
  •   Ensure assessment deadlines are met

  • December 15:
      Deadline for parent notification of non-HQ teachers
  • December 17:
  •   Board vote on school portfolio review recommendations

  • December 19:
  •   Review and respond to enrollment projections