• School Performance Plans for the 2016-17 School Year


    The School Performance Plan (SPP) is a tool for principals and Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs) to document and monitor their plans for improving student outcomes through school leadership, instruction, and climate. It acts as an anchor for a year-round evidenced-based inquiry process that relies on data-informed decision making to drive documented school-level strategic planning. Final 2016-17 SPPs for all schools will be available on the district website.

    The SPP and guidance document for the 2016-17 school year are available on Document Tracking Services (DTS). Principals have been given access to DTS; for issues with logging in or to grant additional staff access, email the Achievement and Accountability Office.

    This year, school principals will find a couple of updates to the School Performance Plan template and process:
    1) School goals and strategies for the 2016-17 SPP will pre-populate from the 2015-16 SPP. Principals with their ILT team should conduct a needs assessment to determine if SY 15-16 goals and strategies as well as targets remain appropriate for SY 16-17. If appropriate, then the content can be submitted as is for review and approval. If not, updates can be made prior to submission.
    2) High Schools that complete the Culture and Climate component on DTS will have their strategies for the Climate and Culture goal populated in their SPP templates. K-8 schools should complete the Climate and Culture portion in the SPP document. Guidance for the Climate and Culture Component is on pages 19-21 of the linked Guidance document.
    3) Charter schools are not required to complete the SPP; however, those charter schools receiving Title I Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance funds must complete the Family and Community Engagement Template (with the exception of the goals and strategies) and the appropriate Title I appendix as part of receiving Title I funds.

    Your school will receive additional outreach from OAA's Data Monitoring and Compliance Team with regards to the completion and approval of the Title I Schoolwide and Targeted Assistance appendices.

    Based on feedback received at the CEO’s institute, City Schools is exploring changes for the next SPP, including an earlier start date. If you are interested in participating in these discussions, please email the Achievement and Accountability Office.
    Finally, the following provides supports and additional information by browsing the links below:

    For SPP questions (e.g., documents, editing in the online tool, etc), please email the Office of Achievement and Accountability.