• Community Resources

    City Springs offers a variety of in-house resources in order to meet the diverse educational and emotional needs of our students.

    Child First

    Child First Authority’s mission is to develop youth by strengthening and reforming schools. Child First Authority is committed to closing the opportunity gap for children in Baltimore City by providing high quality after school and in-school programs. With its focus on school-based community organizing and enriching learning opportunities, Child First Authority supports positive outcomes for over 1500 young Baltimoreans.
    We are very happy to inform you that we will have an after school program this year at City Springs operated by Child First Authority through a grant provided by the Family League of Baltimore. Please make sure you sign your child up early because a limited number of slots are available. This after school program will serve grades Kindergarten-2nd.
    There will be other after school programming through the Living Classroom Foundation. The Carmelo Anthony Center will serve grades 3rd-5th. The Power House will serve grades 6th-8th.

    Mental Health Partnership

    The goal of the partnership is to design and implement a comprehensive system of services for children and adolescents with or at risk for developing, behavioral and emotional problems. The school-based program was built on a program initiated in 1991 by the BCPSS and the City Health Department, which created funding mechanisms to place mental health clinicians in the schools.
    The priorities of the program are t
    • Provide direct and indirect services to reduce the impact of mental health 
    • problems on school performance and attendance.
    • Coordinate and supplement existing resources for children and their families.
    • Build the capacity of systems to meet children’s mental health needs.
    • Provide a consulting resource for teachers and other school personnel.
    Families interested in receiving services from the school-based clinician at City Springs should call (410) 545-3267. 

    School-Based Health Clinic

    We are fortunate to have at City Springs a School-Based Health Clinic through the Baltimore City Health Department. In order for your child to be serviced through the clinic, they must be members of the clinic. This means that you must complete the membership forms required. Every City Springs child should be a member of the Health Clinic. 

    Please be sure to complete and turn in the appropriate forms, so your child can receive the appropriate care from the Health Clinic if needed.

    Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

    The PTO was established to bridge the communication gap between the school and the parents. We are here to listen to all parent views, concerns, and suggestions. We are also here to provide information on the school policy, input on budget, and other things that are going on in the school. Through us, parents are able to vote and have a voice. There are monthly morning and evening meetings for parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators to communicate. The PTO also holds classes on various topics throughout the year. 

    Please contact the PTO President at 410.396.9168 if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, and if you want to become an active member of the PTO. Two PTO members will serve on the School, Family, and Community Council.

    School, Family, Community Council

    The School, Family, Community Council is a group made up of the Data Analysis Team members, a Charter School Operator Representative, two Parent Teacher Organization members, one student member, and two community members. All stakeholders are invited to give input for these monthly meetings. This group will play an active advisory role in the program and budget decision-making that will lead us to the realization of our vision. 

    Experience Corps

    The aging and demand for educational resources are two issues high on our national and local agenda. Too often the needs of our older and younger citizens are pitted against one another. Experience Corps has been designed to connect the two generations for their mutual benefit.

    The Experience Corps is a model of senior service designed to meet the unmet needs of students, teachers, volunteers, and ultimately, communities. The program places a critical mass of older adult volunteers in public elementary schools, training them to help meet the most important needs identified by principal and teachers.

    This year experience core members will place a special focus on helping City Springs improve student attendance. We are grateful for their efforts!