• Resource Classes 

    Each day, City Springs students participate in one resource class.  Resource classes allow students a break from academics while offering enriching and educational experiences and a variety of activities.  Below is a list of current resource classes:
    Library - The library is a special place to read and learn. Students will interact with books both through read-alouds and by exploring books themselves. It is our hope that each student will develop a life-long love of reading.
    Anti-Bullying - Provides students with a “Life Coach” to assist them in learning about the value of self-respect and treating others with fairness and respect.
    Spanish - Develops positive attitudes and excitement toward learning the Spanish language. Through the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, students are able to broaden their awareness, acceptance and understanding of the Hispanic culture.
    Vocabulary Enrichment - Through games and activities students have fun while enhancing and reinforcing their vocabulary skills.
    Smart Art - Students will learn the basic components that make up a work of art by focusing on the Elements of Art, learning about the Principles of Design and understanding how to incorporate these elements and principles into a work of art. Lessons will make connections to Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies as we discuss both art from different time periods and art from other countries and then create projects inspired by the artwork we have seen.
    Music (Vocal and Instrumental) - In addition to singing, students receive music instruction in learning to play a variety of instruments.
    Physical Education - Designed to give students the opportunity to learn the qualities of movement, learn fitness concepts, participate in a variety of fitness development exercises, work cooperatively with a partner or team and learn about sportsmanship.
    Health Education - Focuses on how students can assume more responsibility for their health, develop positive health behaviors, and prevent negative, unhealthy behaviors.
    iResource - Competency in the use of iPad to gain knowledge and information.