• The New High School Promotion Policy

    Effective 7/1/2017 
    Please note that graduation requirements have not changed; however the updates impact the promotion from grade to grade.

    Beginning in 2017-18, students must earn the following in order to be promoted:

    Change from previous policy and practice

    Grade 9 to 10

    At least 5 credits, including English I, ESOL English I, or Algebra I.

    Previously, students had to earn at least 4 credits in any subject

    Grade 10 to 11

    At least 10 credits in total, including 3 credits in English I, ESOL English I, Algebra I, English II, ESOL English II, and Geometry, and 1 credit in social studies and science.

    Previously, students had to earn at least 9 credits in any subject.

    Grade 11 to 12

    At least 15 credits in total, including 5 credits in English I, English II, English III, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, and 3 credits in science and social studies (at least one in each).

    Previously, students must have earned at least 15 credits in any subject.