• Team Work Student Support Teamwork

    We have several layers of support for students at FAET.  
    3-Tier Academic Prevention Intervention 
    • This support is provided by our teachers
    • Tier 1 - School-wide prevention efforts have been established to promote learning for all students
    • Tier 2 - Students identified as being at-risk of experiencing problems receive supplemental or small group interventions
    • Tier 3 - An additional layer of intensive supports is provided to address the needs of students and the goal is to remediate existing problems and prevent more severe problems.
    Coach Class
    • After school academic support provided by teachers to review, re-address and reinforce skills that students find difficult to grasp.
     Student Support Team (SST)
    • Is comprised of staff members from FAET and parents
    • All members work together to help ensure student success
    • Meets after students have been referred for academic or behavioral concerns
    • Provides and monitors strategies used to improve academic and/or behavior concerns. 
    • Develops 504 plans for students with disabilities who need additional assistance.
    Child Study Team (CST)
    • Is comprised of staff members from FAET and parents and we determine the most appropriate educational program for children classified with disabilities. 
    • Will develop, review, and modify Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
    New Visions
    • This program addresses the mental health counseling needs of adolescents at FAET. 
     Restorative Practices 
    • It is a school-wide practice
    • We work to build classroom communities that are supported by clear agreements, authentic communication.
    • We use specific tools to bring issues and conflicts forward in a helpful way which assists us in restoring relationships.