Leadership Team 

Ms.Tammy N. Mays
Assistant Principal
Mrs. Mattie Faulkner-Burton
Assistant Principal
Mr. Jeremy Slack
Assistant Principal 
Mrs. Yulanda Coleman
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
1400 Orleans St
Baltimore, MD  21231 

Phone #: 443-642-4478

School #: 414

School Motto 

"Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow" 

Mission Statement

To empower our students to be confident and creative builders of their future, through rigorous curriculum and academic excellence, while learning how to “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.”

Vision Statement

To be a premier college preparatory high school that develops and empowers critical and creative thinkers for the 21st Century by providing students access to a  comprehensive foundation in mathematics, science, technology and health through a rigorous curriculum.


We believe that all young people of high school age, regardless of social background and intellectual capacity, have certain basic educational needs to the satisfaction of which all efforts and activities of this school should be directed. We are aware that the character of these needs varies widely both among groups and among individuals, and that such variation requires that the school provide a program of educational experiences that are broad, flexible and differentiated.

It is our belief that the process of identifying and satisfying the educational needs of youth is a cooperative enterprise involving pupils, teachers, parents and citizens, all united by a common goal of developing useful and happy citizens in an improved and enriched local, national and world community.

We further believe that in order to preserve and enhance our social and political heritage, all students must be well grounded in such common knowledge and appreciation as are necessary for developing an understanding of, and a loyalty to, our way of life. We believe that all students should be able to communicate effectively with others. To this end, we feel that each pupil should acquire, to the limits of his or her capacity, certain common learnings. Both to meet the needs of a complex and highly organized social and economic life and to satisfy the varied needs, aptitudes and interests of individuals, the school must, accordingly, provide a variety of specialized offerings.


Two goals supported by six objectives are the foundation of the Master Plan:

  • Goal 1: Improving Student Achievement
  • Goal 2: Establishing Effective Management Systems

School Hours

7:45 A.M. Opening of building for students who will remain in the cafeteria
8:05 A.M.Student accessibility to the locker areas
8:15 A.M.Beginning of the first period
3:05 P.M.Dismissal