Channel One is a daily ten-minute educational news broadcast which is provided to City Schools students at no charge. It is an effective  way to keep students abreast of current events, especially if the teacher follows each broadcast with a short discussion.

    If you prefer to project the daily program from your laptop, go the http://www.channelone.com and click on the icon for "Today's Show."
    If there is a TV on the wall of your classroom , you may access the programming at 10:15 each day by following these directions:



    Tuning In To Channel One Each Day


    School 341—10:15-10:25


    1.Plug the TV into the wall and turn it on to make sure it is getting power.

    2. Make sure the TV cable is connected to both   a.) the back of the TV and   2.) the long, vertical, almond-colored, rectangular metal box that is mounted on the wall next to the TV. This may be a direct connection, or there may be a silver-colored device (like a splitter) which connects two wires between the back of the TV and the almond-colored box. The wire coming out of the ceiling is part of a dead system and must not be connected to the TV, either directly or indirectly.

    3. Turn the channel to channel 8.

    4. If Channel One programming is on, you will see the program. Check with your principal to see when Channel One is being broadcasted each day in your school. At times when Channel One is not being broadcasted, you will see Cable Channel 8.







    If you still do not get a signal, proceed with the following steps. If you cannot perform these steps, get a student to help you.


    Sign out the Phillips Magnavox remote control from the media center, and…


    1.   Turn on the television and adjust the volume.

    2.   Enter the programming code 05 76 97 like you are entering three different channels. Ignore the “not available” messages.

    3.   Press Display/Menu

    4.   Accumulated Run Time will appear on the screen.

    5.   Channel One Enable should be highlighted in yellow.

    6.   The Phillips One Channel should be either a 3 or a 4.

    a.    Picture: Adjust as needed using +/- or up/down-.

    b.   Brightness: Adjust as needed using using +/- or up/down.

    c.    Color: Adjust as needed using using +/- or up/down.

    d.   Tint: Adjust as needed using using +/- or up/down.

    e.    Sharpness: Adjust as needed using using +/- or up/down.

    f.     Cable Tuning: Should be highlighted in yellow.

    7.   Channel Add/Delete: Select a channel by pressing in the number, or by using the up/down buttons on your remote. To add the channel to the TV’s memory, press the +/- button and select CH ADD. You must have channels 8, 11, and 13.

    8.   Exit: Press the Exit/Status button to save the changes you have made and to exit the menu.

    9.   Go back and see if Channel 8 works.