•   History
              The building was erected in 1962 to be used as an elementary school in an area which then called Orangeville in Baltimore City.  In 1977, the elementary school moved and opened the way for a special education program namely, Claremont School.  Claremont was a separate public day school serving middle and secondary school students with moderate to severe disabilities; the students ranged in age from 12-21 years old.
                   The Claremont School has a long history of successfully implementing an excellent life skills program featuring a wood shop that produced computer desks, stools and table for many of the schools in the district.  Claremont is also proud of its continuing involvement in the Special Olympics.  Nearly forty years later Claremont continues to be a leading institution among the city's special education programs. 
               Strive to prepare students academically, socially and emotionally to become independent adults living and working in the community.
    • To provide a quality educational program that recognizes each student as an individual
    • To encourage all staff to work collaboratively to ensure that students are both challenged and supported
    • To create an environment that inspires students to become life-long learners and allow them to achieve to the best of their potential
    • Through rigorous instruction and the use of technology, we acknowledge their strengths through appropriate assessments and modeling an atmosphere of success.

     Key Action Objectives
    • Provide all students with caring teachers who know their content well and have the skills and techniques to teach rigorous course work as evidenced by successful student performance.
    • Provide the expert leadership necessary to engage all stakeholders in a continuous school development and improvement process, the stamina to stay focused in a turbulent environment and the moral conviction to do what is right for each student.
    • Provide for the school the materials, partnership opportunities, and consultative expertise needed to create a high performing learning community in the era of increased accountability.
    • Provide parents, caregivers, community members and business owners varied opportunities to participate in the education and preparation of high school students for the adult world in a global society.