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    Success For All

    In an effort to meet the reading needs of our students in grades K - 5 we adopted Success For All (SFA) in 2013.  

    What is  Success For All?
    Q. How does it work?

    A. Success for All makes reading the cornerstone of the curriculum. For children to succeed in school, they must be reading on grade level by the end of the third grade and keep building reading skills through secondary school. They also need effective teachers, so SFA includes intensive professional development, ongoing coaching support, and data tools to give teachers feedback on how students are learning and where they need additional instruction or extra help. SFA involves the whole community in implementing effective instruction that is based on the best research on what works. Success for All makes learning fun and engaging for kids and helps teachers become knowledgeable, skilled instructional leaders. 
    Q. What Does It Look Like? 
    A. Success for All is not an ordinary program in any way. Step into a Success for All school and you know you are in a very special place immediately. Here is what is unique about Success for All:
    • Cooperative learning is used all the time. Students work together productively to learn and take responsibility for one another.
    • Technology is deeply embedded in daily teaching and learning.
    • Students are highly motivated, engaged, noisy, and on task.
    • The pace of instruction is fast, and the kids keep up with it.
    • Every minute of teaching is well planned, exciting, and engaging.
    • Learning is constantly monitored, and problems are solved the right way.
    • Teachers teach the whole child—social and emotional learning, behavior, and cooperation are as important as academics.
    • Professional development is top notch and going on every day. Teachers know their craft and apply it with intelligence, adapting it to their students' needs.
    • Everyone is involved in support of student success—teachers, parents, community members, and the kids themselves.
    • A facilitator from the school’s own faculty works with teachers every day to help every teacher succeed and grow in skill and sophistication.
    • There is a strong research base in every component of SFA and in the program as a whole.
    A Success for All school is an exciting place to teach and learn. Teachers work in teams to help one another develop as professionals. They gain the satisfaction of seeing students excited about learning and proud of their progress.