• Please note: As we develop a new school community and build on the legacy of The Fort, we will create a living vision and mission that will guide our work. Please stay tuned for updates!

      City Schools' Five-Year Strategic Plan

      On December 8, 2015, the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners approved the district's strategic plan PDF, which will guide City Schools' work for the next five years. The plan was informed by extensive public feedback received in October and November 2015 at a series of community forums and meetings with a broad range of City Schools stakeholders.

      The plan includes strategies in six priority areas:

      1. Quality curricula and instruction
      2. Quality staff
      3. Climate and facilities
      4. Family and community engagement
      5. Responsible stewardship and excellent customer service
      6. Portfolio of great schools

      The district is now working to determine goals and targets for each of the strategies and will continue to move forward with implementation.