• What do we believe?

    Core Beliefs:

    • Each scholar can learn at high academic levels
    • Each scholar has valuable gifts and talents to contribute to society
    • Each scholar should be provided with instructional opportunities that meets individual their learning needs
    • Each scholar must be provided with an environment that will promote and foster positive self image to help develop their unique gifts and talents
    • Parents and our partners and each  scholar’s success is enhanced by parents active participation in the teaching and learning process
    • Each scholar should be provided with the knowledge and skills to demonstrate respect for themselves and others

    What do we aim to accomplish?
    WE AIM TO ACCOMPLISH EXCELLENCE in teaching and learning through quality instruction and committed service to our students, parents, families, staff members, community and viable stakeholders.

    At Fort Worthington, our motto is "Falcons on the Rise". We are moving to higher heights in academia!

    Fort Falcons are on the R.I.S.E

    • Respectful and Responsible
    • Integrity
    • Safe
    • Excellent



    · Love

    · It takes a village to raise a child

    · Each one teach one

    · Education is the key combatant of poverty

    · All children deserve the very best we have to give them

    · Perseverance –No Matter What, No Opting Out!

    · Nurturing

    · Teaching children the hidden pedagogy

    · Critical pedagogy

    · Ensuring that our children can code switch

    · Raising our children with the knowledge and skill set to compete in today’s economy