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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome Employees

Main Contact Information:
Phone Number: 410-396-8885
Fax: 410-545-0897
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Baltimore City Public Schools
200 E. North Ave, Room 110
Baltimore, MD 21202

Dear Employee:

Baltimore City Public Schools (City Schools) is proud to present the Office of Human Capital, formerly known as the Department of Human Resources. City Schools is committed and focused on the delivery of superb customer service to its most valuable assets, its employees.

We believe that the set of skills which you acquire on the job, through training and experience will increase your value in the marketplace and at CITY SCHOOLS. With today’s changing environment, an investment in employees is essential to the success of our organization. The skills, knowledge, and education that you possess have an impact on increasing student achievement no matter what position you are currently in.

It is our vision to drive the Human Capital initiative at City Schools in an effort to maintain the momentum of driving our Great Kids, Great Schools campaign into the next century. We are focused on employing and retaining talented people, providing resources, and professional development to improve student achievement throughout the district.

Important Message From Human Capital:

Employees: Report all on-the-job injuries within 48 hours by completing an Employee Incident Report form and going to Mercy Clinic.

Supervisors: Immediately report the injury to Teleprompt by calling 1-877-607-8600.