• Bay Brook Elementary and Middle School



    Bay Brook Elementary and Middle School has established the School Family Council (SFC) in accordance to Baltimore City Public School’s requirements. The SFC provides a platform for families and community stakeholders to share input about the goals and strategies informing instructional programs, family and community engagement, and other priorities for our school community. Responsibilities include: 

    1.    Reviewing the annual school climate survey;

    2.    Collaborating with school leadership by engaging in budget forums and reviews;

    3.    Collaborating with the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) to inform, develop, implement and assess the outcomes of the School Performance Plan;

    4.    Convening monthly with various school and community leaders to study school data (attendance, school climate, student achievement), community school goals, 21st  Century Building planning, or meeting with our School Advisory Committee; and

    5.    Making recommendations to the principal to optimize and improve student achievement.