GAL (Gifted Advanced Learners)
A gifted and talented student is identified as “having outstanding talent and performing, or showing the potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared with other students” (Maryland Annotated Code § 8-201). The law recognizes that students may have different types of gifts and talents, such as intellectual ability, excelling in specific academic fields, or high performance capability in creativity, leadership, or the visual and performing arts. In addition, other students may exhibit a keen ability to lead, influence, and organize others.
GAL Overview for City Schools
GAL Cluster Teachers:
K GAL (small group within the classrooom):  Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Cardarella
1st GAL (small group within the classroom):  Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Breathnach
2nd-6th Math GAL (pull out) Ms. Wenzel
2nd-6th ELA GAL (pull out) Ms. Pica
Honors ELA Ms. Leverett
Honors Math Mr. Chacona
Honors Social Studies/History Day Mr. Kondisko
Honors Science (IQWST) Mr. Ives