• English Language Arts Welcome Letter

    Greetings parents and guardians,

    I would like to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year! My name is Ms. Leverett and I am so excited to have your student in my English Language Arts class this school year!

    As your student adjusts to his/her new grade level, he/she will also be expected to adhere to the classroom rules on our journey to academic excellence. The primary expectations of our classroom are listed below.

    1.     Each student is expected to come to class prepared (with materials and assignments) and equipped with an attitude ready to learn each day.

    2.     Each student is expected to participate daily in the learning environment as a respectful participant, both to the teacher and his/her peers.

    3.     Students are expected to submit all assignments on time and communicate any concerns or issues that may hinder this in a timely fashion. In the event of an absence, the student will be responsible for contacting me upon returning to school to receive make-up work. 

    4.     If any student believes that he/she may need any additional help outside of classroom sessions, he/she should communicate with me to schedule a coach class session.

    5.     Each student is expected to do his or her best every day in the classroom setting.

    Grading Policy

    The grading policy is listed as follows.                                                            


    Weighted Number

    Tests/ Projects/ Major Writing Assignments

    3. 00



    Drills/ Vocabulary










    *In the event that a student misses an assignment, he/she needs to see me as soon as possible to make up missed assignments. In the event of an excused absence, the student has one week from the date of the absence to make up the assignment(s).

    Parent-Student-Teacher Collaboration

    Parent/guardian involvement is essential in the success of your student. I encourage communication between parents, students, and myself. Encourage your student to discuss his/her progress and assist them with completing assignments and projects morally when needed.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns about our class or your student’s progress in Language Arts by email at tjleverett@bcps.k12.md.us or by calling the school directly. If you would like to have a conference regarding your student, please contact me to schedule a conference in advance.


    Again, I want to welcome you to the new school year and I am excited about working with you and your student this school year.

    Ms. Leverett
    7th and 8th grade Language Arts Teacher
    Hampden Elementary Middle School