Middle and High School Choice

Choice results for the 2015-16 school year are available!

Families of 8th-grade students and of 5th-grade students who participated in choice should receive their placement letters by postal mail during the week of March 1. Please ask at your school if you do not have your choice results by Thursday, March 5.

At City Schools, many middle school and all high school students choose the school they want to attend. With dozens of school choices available, you can
  • Learn what you need to know for success in college, and even earn college credits before you graduate from high school
  • Get a jump on preparing for a career, from computer networking to culinary arts to medicine to construction — and more
  • Play on a school team, from basketball to chess, football to robotics
  • Participate in bands or choirs, run for student government, or join clubs for everything from math to art to debating
  • Attend a school that offers only middle school grades, only high school grades, or a combination of elementary-middle or middle-high school
  • Go to an all-girls or all-boys school, or to a school with both
  • Pursue your own greatest interests, go after your dream, and graduate with the skills you need to succeed
  • Get the support you need with mentorships, counseling, and tutoring

Tools at this website help students and families search for, browse and compare schools, and find schools by location, programs, support services, and more.