Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools that all students can choose to attend, regardless of where they live in the city. City Schools' current charter schools are listed at right.

Each of these school has a charter, or performance contract, detailing its program, goals and methods of assessment. For example, charter schools may have a particular approach to instruction, focus on an instructional theme or serve particular populations. When more students would like to attend a charter school than the school has room to serve, an admissions lottery is held. ("Neighborhood" charter schools give placement priority to students who live in the area in which the school is located, and some charters may also give priority to children of school founders and siblings of current students.)

Charter schools have increased autonomy in decision making in many areas. And, in return, they are accountable to the authorizer that grants the charter, the parents who choose to send their children to the school and the public that funds them. Charter schools are also governed by Maryland Charter School Law.  City Schools conducts an annual review of charter schools and reports information on student achievement, school climate, finances and governance.  The report for school year 2015-16 can be found here.
Groups and organizations interested in applying to open a charter school should also review this information.  If you are considering a charter school, please read general information about applying —and then visit the school's website by clicking a link at right to find more information about the grades it serves, its programming and application procedures.