Back to School

ARE YOU READY? The first day of school is August 29.


Be Ready 

  • New to City Schools and looking for the right school for you? Learn about schools, find out how to register, or call 443-984-2000 for an appointment with an enrollment specialist.

  • Get your school supplies — check with your school about any specific things you'll need this year.

  • Get your uniform — find out about your school's uniform, and contact your school if you need help to buy what you need.

  • Get any immunizations you're missing (and remember, 7th-grade students have new immunization requirements!) and find out about free clinics.  

  • Check for your school's bell schedule. Some schools adjusted their start and end times for this school year.

  • Questions about transportation for the new school year?  Call 443-984-2000.

  • Stay in the know - sign up to receive emails and newsletters from the district.

 Be There

  • No need to worry about breakfast or lunch  — all students eat for free!

  • If you are a high school or middle school student who is eligible to receive a One Card, you can use the MTA to get to and from school on the first day by showing your ID or telling the bus driver that you are a City Schools student.

  • Pick up your back-to-school packet  — it's filled with important information, booklets, and forms.

  • Fill out and return the forms as soon as you can.

  • Make sure your school knows how to reach you — update the contact information on file with your school in the very first week.

  • On Twitter? Follow @BaltCitySchools for the latest news and announcements from the district, and tweet us your back-to-school pictures! 

  • On Facebook? Like City Schools for the latest news and announcements from the district, and remember to post your back-to-school pictures! 

  • Check out the school year calendar and find out what's ahead.

 Stay There