Dear Claremont Community:
    With great pleasure, I welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year. Claremont has enjoyed tremendous success as a beacon of excellence for special needs populations in our community since its opening in 1977. This school year, we will continue such said success through collaborations, dedication, and partnerships amongst school staff, parents, community members, and our most important stakeholders in the equation; our students. The formula for our success this year is guided by our motto this year:
    "Every student, every staff, every day - No Limits"
    It is my expectation that every school staff/faculty member will ensure that every student every day will reach their fullest individual potential and there is no limit to the extent of our work as educators to provide our students with the best quality education and services possible.
    It is my sincere pleasure and honor to be the instructional leader for the Claremont learning community and I look forward to working with all staff; inclusive of the collaboration of ideas as well as work in harmony much like a symphony to create educational masterpieces for many years to come.
    This year, I am implementing "Lunch with Lewis"; which will serve as a weekly collaboration and communication between myself as Principal and our stakeholders. One hour per week on a monthly basis has been allocated for any/all stakeholders to meet with me for conversations; wherein, you may share your ideas, suggestions, provide input, etc.
    Please refer to the applicable site shortcut link at the top of our homepage for our 2017-2018 school year calendar; which details the dates and times of each "Lunch with Lewis" scheduled per month. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas.
    Educationally Yours,
    Angel Lewis, Principal