• Health and Safety Procedures

    Accessing the Building

    • Any visitor to the building must enter through the main entrance on East Hoffman Street.
    • Visitors must come in the door and go directly to the main office. Staff members are available to address the needs of any visitor.
    • No conferences with teachers may be held once instruction has begun for the day. Appointments for teacher’s conferences should be arranged ahead of time. Plan to meet with your child’s teacher before or after the instructional day.

    Fire Drills
    In order to ensure that proper precautions are taken in the event of a fire or another emergency requiring the evacuation of the building, the school will conduct 10 fire drills throughout the school year. It is extremely important that all students follow the guidelines below in order to ensure their safety if such an event was to occur:

    • When the fire alarm is sounded, please move quietly, quickly, and orderly without running. Students should form two lines. For the safety and welfare of everyone in the building, there must be absolute silence during the fire drill. There is no talking during the fire drill.
    • Walk to the assigned exit. Once everyone is outside, they are to move as far away from the building as possible.
    • While standing outside, students should be in two orderly lines and quietly waiting for directions. Teachers will take attendance to ensure all students are in line outside.
    • Once it is clear to enter the building, students should remain in two orderly lines and walk directly back to class. Attendance will be taken during and after the fire drill.

    If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, the parent must obtain the necessary form from the health suite, have it completed by the doctor, and bring it to the health suite with the medication. Do not send medication to school with a student. All medication must be kept in and dispensed through the health suite.

    Health suite visits

    • Scholars can visit the nurse if they have a health suite form.
    • The classroom teacher completes this form and gives the scholar permission to go to the nurse.
    • The scholar should present the form/pass to the secretary and wait to be granted permission to enter the health suite.

    A room is available in the nurse’s suite for scholars who become ill during the school day. A pass from the teacher is necessary for a student to come to the office for illness. If the nurse or nurse assistant determines that the child is seriously ill, the parent will be contacted. Seriously ill students may not remain in school. The parents or guardians listed on the student’s emergency card will be contacted for an early dismissal.

    It is critical that we have accurate and up-to-date emergency information for each student. If your child exhibits the following symptoms-fever, vomiting, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea, sore throat, skin rashes, etc.- your child may be excluded from school until a physician has certified that the symptoms are not associated with an infectious disease or that they no longer a threat to the health of other children in the school.

    Emergency Cards
    Each parent or guardian is to complete two emergency cards per student as well as an Emergency Early Closing Plan form. The information on the emergency card and plan is vitally important. Parents are asked to indicate the names and phone numbers of relatives or friends that may be responsible for the child in case of an emergency if the parent is not reachable at the time. Home phone numbers, work phone numbers, cell phone numbers, pager numbers, and phone numbers of other designated adults must be correct and kept current. If there is a change of address or phone number during the school year, the office must be notified so that corrections can be made on your child’s emergency card.

    Students will not use the school phone for personal calls, except in an emergency and with staff members’ permission. In the event that a student receives a call, he/she will be called out of class only in the case of an emergency. Otherwise, a message will be given to the student’s teacher to relay it during lunchtime or at the end of the school day. Students are not allowed to bring cell phones to school. If a cell phone is found on a student, it will be confiscated and not return until a parent conference with an administrator.

    Lost and Found

    Articles found in and around the school should be turned in to the office. Lost and Found items will be located in the cafeteria Owners may claim their property by identifying the item to an adult.