Update to the 2017-18 School Year Calendar

  • According to Maryland law, the school year must include 180 school days for students; in addition, an executive order from Governor Hogan now requires school to begin after Labor Day and end by June 15. In planning the calendar, City Schools must also meet other legal and union requirements for holidays and professional days for teachers.

    For 2017-18, this meant that only one day, June 15, could be built into the calendar as a make-up day in case of districtwide school closing for snow days or other emergencies. So far, all schools have closed for three days. To make up these days, the Board of School Commissioners has approved the following changes to the school year calendar.

    • The last day of school will be Friday, June 15. (The last day was originally scheduled to be June 14.)

    • March 16 will be a half-day of instruction for students, with afternoon professional learning for teachers. (This date was originally scheduled as a full day for professional learning and parent-teacher conferences. With this change, schools will make other times available for parent-teacher conferences, based on individual needs and schedules.)

    • Pending waiver approval from the Maryland State Department of Education, spring break will be shortened by one day, with schools and offices open on Monday, April 2. City Schools anticipates that the State Board will consider the waiver request at its meeting on February 27. If approved, schools will be closed from Monday, March 26, through Friday, March 30; the district office will be closed March 28 to 30. (Spring break was originally scheduled with schools closed from March 26 through April 2, with offices closed March 29, March 30, and April 2.)

    Note that if all schools must close again because of winter weather or other emergencies before the end of the school year, the district will submit additional waiver requests.