Facilities Maintenance

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance is an essential part of managing City Schools' buildings. A dedicated Facilities Maintenance and Operations Department at the district office ensures that critical routine maintenance tasks are performed and responds to calls for repairs.

    With the oldest public school buildings in Maryland, maintenance represents a significant investment of resources to ensure that all students and staff have facilities that support high-quality teaching and learning. The Comprehensive Educational Facilities Master Plan includes a detailed section about facility conditions and maintenance link opens PDF document. In addition, the Comprehensive Maintenance Plan link opens PDF document (developed as part of the 21st Century School Buildings Plan) outlines the district's commitment to providing efficient, effective maintenance across the district.

    School buildings and extreme cold weather

    In January 2018, dozens of City Schools buildings experienced maintenance problems related to prolonged and extreme cold weather. These problems included malfunctioning heating equipment for entire buildings (e.g., boilers, roof-top units) and in classrooms and other localized areas (e.g., unit vents), as well as burst pipes and associated water damage.

    Read ( links open PDF documents except where noted)

    As a result of these events and with feedback from the community, City Schools has established the following guidelines related to cold temperatures in school buildings:

    • Between 6:30 and 9:00 every morning, school staff use highly accurate infrared thermometers to take readings from specified areas of every school building and report to the district office.
    • If temperatures are below 60 degrees in many areas of the building, the principal calls a designated direct phone line at the district office to report a problem.
    • A facilities technician goes to the school and determines how quickly the problem can be addressed.
    • If the temperature is below 60 in a classroom, school staff will relocate students to a warmer area of the building. If temperatures below 60 are widespread and the facilities technician determines the problem cannot be fixed within two hours, the principal and district leadership will determine if a closure or early dismissal is necessary.
    • An option has been added to the district’s main phone line (443-984-2000), so members of the public and other staff can report maintenance concerns directly.

    In the event that schools must close, delay opening, or dismiss early, parents/guardians can receive phone calls, text messages, and emails. Find out more by downloading this flyer or visiting this webpage, and make sure your school has your current contact information so we can reach you.