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    Helloeveryone, welcome to school year 2014-2015.

    I am Prof. Andrés A. Lugo. I am a native of Puerto Rico. I moved to the United States this year whit my wife and my son. I graduated with a degree in Education in History and Social Studies for middle and high school in the University of Puerto Rico. I’m a certified teacher in History and Social Studies. I also studied the history of the Caribbean and cultural management and I went to Spain in 2004 to take courses about historical research and its practical application in the classroom. I also studied the history of art and its dimension in didactics and the city as an educational resource for teaching social sciences; I studiedin Universidad Complutense deMadrid, Universidad de Salamanca, Universidad de Sevilla, and The Instituto Interuniversitariode Estudios Latinoamericanos y de Portugal in Valladolid. During my 12 years experience as a teacher in Puerto Rico I have been part of educational projects about technology in the classroom. I also have 11 years of experience in the field of the production, management and development of cultural, arts, music and alternative events.

    As a teacher, I want to encourage the students to be part of an intercultural world with respect for each other. Education is the only weapon we have to change the world and the students have to learn that their contributions are very important for a better world where everyone can live in harmony. I am committed to do my best to achieve the goals of our school, our parents, and our students.

    I am glad to work in a team with you.

    Prof. Andrés Lugo

    6th and 7th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts

    Spanish Immersion