• Additional forms that need to be returned by parents

    Lunch Applications – It is imperative that lunch forms are returned to the school. Not all families qualify for free and reduced lunch however we need all of the forms returned. The school receives credit and funding for not only children who receive free and reduced lunch, but for the amount of forms that we collect. Please help us with this as it is detrimental for the school that they are received.

    Computer/Internet Usage Forms – Please be sure to return all computer forms as Montebello is a technology school and students are required to do much of their work online. These forms are imperative for our monthly benchmark testing.

    Media Release Forms – In order for your students to be photographed and highlighted in our school movies, powerpoint presentations, etc. we need you to return the Media Release forms. They will be kept on file in the main office.

    Permission Slips – All students that want to take part in field trips have to have a signed permission slip. Please note that the slip has to be filled out in its entirety in order for students to be able to attend. Please make sure that these forms are filled out and returned in a timely manner.