• Updated 2017-18 student roster data

    All principals and assistant principals

    On Thursday, August 31, updated 2017-18 student rosters will be available in the ILT tab under “Student Information” on the Principal’s Dashboard main screen. This file contains demographic, climate, academic, and assessment data from Infinite Campus for students enrolled at schools as of August 28, 2017, and includes updates based on summer-school completion and promotion of students. For high schools, it also includes an update to transition course requirements.

    School leaders are advised to share the file with their instructional leadership and teacher teams to support preparation (e.g., scheduling, instructional grouping, and climate programs) for the new school year. For information on how to use the rising student-level file, review this memo and support guide (previously shared in the August 10 Leadership Action Update).

    For questions, email Sean Hall in the Achievement and Accountability Office at SHHall@bcps.k12.md.us.
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