• Principal SLOs: Submitting final student data

    All principals/Deadline: June 12

    The Student Learning Objective component constitutes 35 percent of a principal’s 2016-17 school leader effectiveness evaluation. Submission forms are currently available in TSS, with resources in the “Principal SLO Organization.” These include an Excel data template for uploading student data, and a Word template to draft and plan TSS entries.

    For principals using end-of-course assessments for SLO targets, we strongly recommend that the assessment be given at the start of the EOC window. If principals do not submit all data by Monday, June 12, the final score of the SLO portion of the school leader effectiveness evaluation may be affected.

    For TSS support or questions, email SLOTech@bcps.k12.md.us. For questions about your specific SLO, contact your ILED.
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